Kitchen Wisdom Publishing

a micro-publisher

Kitchen Wisdom was formed by Herb Weiner in 1986 as a cookbook publisher. We were excited by the combination of the Mac, the LaserWriter, and PostScript as a desktop publishing solution. We decided to re-typeset Beyond Tacos: Mexican Cuisine, originally published in 1984, on the Mac.

host to the marilyn is wrong site

We are proud to host the Marilyn is Wrong web site, where we provide a forum for discussion of PARADE MAGAZINE's Ask Marilyn ® column.

a software developer and consultant

We quickly discovered that the existing software for the Mac and LaserWriter were far from adequate. Our focus shifted from publishing to software development. We found that solutions we developed for our own use had value to others. Perhaps you'd enjoy these PostScript Quick Tips.

If you publish recipes, we recommend our Recipe Design Wizard™ Plug-in for Adobe® InDesign®.

In additon to PostScript and PDF, we provide consulting and do custom software development for the Mac, Unix, Solaris, and Linux.

human factors and user interface design

Herb has been involved in human factors since 1975 (before it became popular). Human Factors Lessons from the Design of a Real Product describes Herb's experiences as a designer of the Tektronix 4991S1 Graphic Input Workstation, which pioneered the user interface concepts later adopted by Adobe Illustrator.

an internet resource

wiskit (kitchen wisdom) has been connected to the Internet since June of 1991. Our initial connection was a shared connection provided by RAINet, as an experiment in Metropolitan Wide Area Networking. Kitchen Wisdom now has dedicated Internet service, and can offer assistance to small businesses that would like to connect to the Internet or need help setting up virtual private networks (VPNs).

free custom network diagnosis

If you have a minute, we'll run some diagnostics on your network connection, and let you see the results. Please allow up to 60 seconds for the results to arrive. We'll check to see whether your Domain Name System (DNS) is correctly configured. Next, we'll trace the route back to your computer and report the round trip times for the trace packets. We'll also provide information about your network from the Network Information Center. Finally, we'll check to see whether your computer is running an ident (RFC 1413) server, and if so, whether it's working correctly.

This tools demonstrates our ability to provide custom network software using either TCP or UDP.


Download our free Sudoku Paper that you can print on your own printer. These worksheets help you to keep track of the possibilities when solving Sudoku puzzles.


Java is Sun's new programming language. Among other uses, Java can be used to write Applets, which can be incorporated into World Wide Web pages. Since Applets run on your machine (the client) rather than my machine (the server), you need a Java-Enabled Web Browser (such as NetScape 2.0) in order to view Java Applets. Here's a Perpetual Calendar written in Java. This calendar will let you view any month from January 0001 to December 9999. A large collection of Java Applets is available at Gamelan.

search our site

We invite you to search our web site, including our HTML pages, our PDF (Acrobat Portable Document Format) documents, and our photos. Our search engine is based on freeWAIS-0.5, but the support for searching PDF documents is a feature we've added ourselves.
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